Six Dominant Buying Motives that Make Clients Act

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May 28, 2014 11:17 AM

When you’re working through the Probing/Questioning step in the sales process it helps to understand a client’s buying motives. There are all kinds of sales tips out there to help with closing sales, but understanding these six dominant buying motives can help you to focus on the specific benefits of your product or service that address these buying motives.

These six dominant buying motives are universal. They can be applied to any product or service, so it’s wise to learn how to incorporate them into your Presentation step. Let’s start by taking a look at each motive to understand them a little better.

1. Desire for Financial Gain.

Financial gain is why we’re all in business and why we get up each day and go to work by helping clients understand how your product or service can help them gain financially, you present a very compelling reason to buy.

2. Fear of Financial Loss.

On the other hand, people are also motivated by the desire to preserve what they already have. Are your clients’ investments at risk in some way? If you sense that your client is driven by a fear of financial loss, focus your closing on the ways your product or service helps prevent financial loss.

3. Comfort and Convenience.

In our hectic world, everyone can use shortcuts to make their lives a little simpler and easier. This is especially true of busy business owners and managers. Emphasizing the comfort and convenience you can provide can be a great way to close a sale, especially if your client has already mentioned a desire for comfort and convenience in your preliminary discussions.

4. Security and Protection.

Risk taking does not come naturally to everyone, and some people feel a great desire to enhance their security and protection. Even risk takers, however, recognize that security and protection are smart for business. Security and protection of employees, family and loved ones is also a powerful motivator to act.

5. Pride of Ownership.

Although most people like to think they’re above worrying about appearances, many people are driven by pride of ownership. It just feels good to be the owner of certain products and services, especially the ones that are obvious to others. In business pride of ownership can come from a quality offering in the market, a leadership position or a #1 ranking., Focus on this motivation with driver personalities when you are closing sales.

6. Emotional Satisfaction.

Business decisions aren’t always made with the help of cold, hard numbers. In fact, good sales reps recognize that emotion will play the most significant role in any sale.  Great questioning and listening skills will uncover how your product or services can bring emotional satisfaction to your client.

Of all the sales tips about closing sales, one of the most useful is to understand the six dominant buying motives. Some clients will act on just one of these buying motives. Some will cite two or three. Limit your features and benefits to the dominant motives and you will close more sales.

A Sales Leader's Guide to Doubling Your Close Rate

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A Sales Leader's Guide to Doubling Your Close Rate

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